Clash of clans introduction

Hey reader! Have you been searching for a fun game to be playing on your IOS or Android device? Look no longer! Clash of Clans is a free, multiplayer game for everyone to enjoy, there are many things to do. Upon download of the game, you will be lead to a tutorial, in which it shows you how to build, upgrade and expand your base. You battle other opponents to try and battle your way to the top, you can upgrade troops, unlock new troops, cast spells, upgrade your base, and don’t forget the most important part, to join a clan. Or you can use shorcut –
Clan wars: Clan wars is something that you participate in with the rest of your clan, where you must battle another clan, attacking their bases to try and earn war stars for your clan, at the end of every war, which lasts 2 days, 24 hours preparation time, and 24 hour war time. You get to collect a resource bonus depending on how many bases you have defeated, but be warned, you only get to attack twice! So use them wisely.

Trophies: Trophies basically determine how high you are in the clash of clans rankings, depending on how well you attack, how well your base is designed, and how often you decide to attack, the higher the trophies you earn by attacking and defeating bases, the more of a loot bonus you earn after the battle is over.
Farming: Farming is a strategy that you can use to earn more resources without losing them from people attacking your base, you must lower your trophies, so only people that have the equivalent amount of trophies as you can see your base (generally new players if your trophy amount ranges from 400-600)
In the end, Clash of Clans is a great free game to play on you IOS or Android device. If you really enjoy Clash of Clans, feel free to buy gems so you can upgrade your base much faster by speeding up the process of your upgrades!

Upcoming games, the overview of the most interesting ones

Guys, this time it will be the list with the short introduction of the game. This list is from February 2015 and contains the interesting games that were announced. There are some I am looking forward myself…

Renoir (release date 2016):


No this game is not about that french painter, but it surely evokes kind of adventure. And the second one is correct. It will be adventure and quite dark one. Detective story with the dusky atmosphere. This will be developed in Europe – Czech republic by the Soulbound games. Story of the bankrupted detective James Renoir. Typical last case full of dirt.

Vampyr (release date 2017):


Oh guys, this will be massacre, I want it right now, right here. The golden age for vampires. The times after WW I, when the Spanish flu stroke, chaotic times and you are doctor – the vampire doctor. You can choose if you will heal the patient and make him/her a vampire or you will let him/her die. There is lack of vampire games and especially vampire RPGs. So this is what I look forward the most and it is from the same studio as the Life is strange.

Medieval engineers (release date 2015):

Another Bohemian game. Have you heard about highly rated Space engineers? So now you have the opportunity to build your own castles and machines in Medieval times. Already in early access on Steam.

Tacoma (release date 2016):

The mysteries of the lunar station. And you will be playing them as the lady technician. From the first pictures it seems to be very personal. Fullbright company is coming with the new unorthodox game. Same creators as Gone home, which is more like an experiment with the commercial success.

Banner saga 2 (release date 2015):

Stoic studio came with the strategic RPG turn-based fights and was very suprising by the difficult fights and for the complex storyline with the lot of REAL choices. Together with magnificent sound and arts. So we will have a sequel. Hope it will be as good as the Banner saga.


Do you think I missed something? Let me know something worth posting here.

Castle Clash good or bad game ?

Castle Clash is a war game in which you can hire troops and battle against enemies. You’re able to watch battles take place and end battles when you want. At first, you end up losing all the battles since the enemy is stronger. You’re able to level up your troops with coins and experience to increase your odds of winning battle.

castle clash

In the shop you can buy treasure, shields, decorations, resources, attack mechanisms, and defense mechanisms. You can either pay with gold coins, treasure gems, or USD. The reasons for purchasing really are self-explanatory, however your resources aren’t really explained. They just sit on the screen with the number of whatever you have.

Play the game a little more and you’ll realize these resources are pretty important. You have gold coins and blue mana that can help you upgrade your troops and increase your odds to win against enemies. You collect coins from the gold mine and mana from the mana mill. You have the pink treasure gems which buys defensive shields and allows you to add builders. You can purchase treasure with USD or collect it through daily rewards.


On the left side of the screen the icon with the gold star indicates the number of your honor badges. These badges allow you to hire “heroes” and increase their star levels so you have an even bigger chance of winning battles. Another important aspect of the game that takes a bit to dig around to identify is your might. On the left side of the screen is a little gray fist icon. This icon indicates your title, which in the beginning is Peasant. You upgrade your title by increasing your might. To increase your might, you need to upgrade buildings and train your heroes and troops.


Basically, you need to build up your land as best as you can to win battles. It’s a fun game if you’re really interested in a strategical war game. However, if you’re not into battle type games, you’ll be pretty lost and most likely end up deleting the app.

Tapped out review and cheats

Tapped out review and cheats

Hello there, today we will target and talk about the mass game made by EA (Electronic Arts), which is a company known for their AAA titles. But apparently the mobile gaming is something they are interested into as well as it generates nice and quick money. So first of all, what are Simpsons Tapped Out about and which OS are supported? Supported are iOS and android as usual. But iOS version was released in 2012 and Android one year later – in 2013. Online gaming is now supported for both platforms. And if you played it you may try Tapped out cheats and then report back to tell us if it is still working.


The game starts with Homer (who else?) who is playing with his myPad and there is a serious situation in the motion – the nuclear power plant is about to do the nuclear meltdown and destroy the whole town of Springfield. But it will not be Homer not to be distracted all the time so it will really happens. But what then if all is gone? Do not worry – this is your task – to rebuild the whole city and to save them all. You will start with what else than with Simpsons house. During the game you will be finding the good old characters and your another task will be to guide them back to their old life. But this game is freemium what means that game is free but asks you for your real money. In the game you will be earning the Cash and XP by sending discovered characters to missions. And this will unlock you more and more characters. The game freemium currency is guess what? Donuts!

If you love Simpsons get this game and give it a try, it is pretty funny as Simpsons could be! And as it is free you will not take that much risk. If you do not want to spend money you may always try the cheat I mentioned in the beginning. Have fun!


This small review will be for those who never heard of fallout original series. For those who are too young to remember the 90’s and for those who were successfully avoiding to play games from 90’s.

fallout1_mainWar, war is always unfair, with people suffering. But luckily we never experienced the nuclear war. War with fallout and nuclear winter. The characters in the Fallout game had no so much luck and they are living and in the world after the great nuclear war, which devastated the world. So you can experience the after nuke war open world (off course it has some limitations, we are back in 1997 when the game was released).

1990’s were full of the RPG games, which were set into some kind of fantasy worlds full of orcs and battleaxes. Fortunately not this one. It is an unofficial sequel to Wasteland – game from 1987. So I personally was sick of dungeons and finding artefacts to stop the orcs and devil forces. Its story is set several years after nukes exchange and you – the player – are living in the settlement underground, where your parents bought a place in case the nukes will come. It’s name is Vault 13. You are living nice life comparing to what’s happening out of vault. In fact you have no idea nor anybody in the vault what is happening out there. But the life is a bitch and the broken chip of vault’s water recycler makes you go out there. But remember you need to save your vault within the 100 days as after this time the vaults water supplies will be down to 0 and your fellow friends and family will be dead. Oh nice.

How it looks like? Let’s check some screenshots…









These days, you will say it’s trash. But hey! Give it a chance and you will not regret (ok you maybe will as you will spend hours trying to save your vault). So it is isomorphic view and the fights are turn based. And it is it’s beauty. You will be exploring the world trying to find the chip, completing the missions, but the most power of its gameplay is that it is not linear and your decisions and karma really affects the gameplay. If you are bad ass, you will be not welcome in some places, in some you will be a guest of honor, and in some that will start fight once you are closer than they like. Also completing some missions will not allow you to take another missions. But remember you have 100 days to save the vault.

The post-apocalyptic world is nicely and wisely designed. There is the whole world with its rules and settlements with real characters in it. And you will be having them all the time. They are not coming from thin air. They are usually part of a group. Bad or neutral or just nice. You will see mutants, poor people, gangs, rad scorpions, giant ants, brahmins, just all kind of creatures you expect to see in the radiation devastated world. There are various factions like Brotherhood of steel, Followers of Apocalypse, Children of Cathedral, Water merchants, Raiders, Khans and many more.

This is RPG, remember? So in the beginning you will create your character. But it is not boring. First of all you have SPECIAL – strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, luck. From these it depends a lot. The next are skills. They are either combat, active or passive – few examples – unarmed, small guns, big guns, doctor, lockpick, science, repair. They are associated with SPECIAL and depends on them, but can be improved independently. The next are perks. You will receive them once you level up (each 3 levels I think). You have experience points gaining for missions, killing enemies and so on. As you see the RPG part is very strong here and well thought out. They are also very balanced.









What are you waiting for? Grab your PIP boy and save your vault!